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Hi, I'm Kelsey :love:

Even though I'm supposed to be doing things with my life I keep ending up procrastinating here and pretending to be able to write.

Lived for a year in China, the time difference was mental and even though I'm back in the UK I swear pieces of me are living seven hours in the future, dancing on the other side of the world. Also lived in Paris for four months and I miss the eclairs immensely

23 | F | Sagittarius | Hopeless skeptic | Sold my soul to Hussie | Johzenji | Obsessed with tartan | 浪迹天涯 |


Journal Entry: Mon Jan 23, 2017, 3:03 PM
[...] but existence is believing / we know for whom we mourn and who is grieving.
W H Auden, In Memory of Ernst Toller

I'm back living in the UK now and missing Paris dreadfully. 2016 was a cruel year, and decided to play one last trick on me before it finally took its leave - my mother took a fall after Christmas and is on two months total bed-rest with three breaks in her ankle. I have found myself on bed-rest alongside her, not physically but mentally. Things tick over, as they have to with me as her sole carer, but apart from my typing job and recent devouring of 3 books I haven't done much of anything creative. I may find some scraps from 2016 that I haven't posted here yet, but I'm hoping getting active here again may spur me into action and wake me up from this hivernal hibernation.

So send any recommendations my way and anything I may have missed in my absence! I love you all and I hope your 2017's are treating you kindly~

P.S LadyBitterblue I received your letter forwarded on by my Parisian neighbour and I will reply to it as soon as! You, dearheart, are a treasure.

P.P.S Suga Surprised Icon  Tanaka Surprised Icon Gone from Homestuck trash to Haikyuu trash. Sorrynotsorry. 

Absolute Favourites of 2016: 
The Month of OctoberHugh Everett's ashes are in the dumpster behind the restaurant I work at. I know because they start moving on Monday. By Tuesday, there is a writhing charred leg and parts of his open torso. Wednesday, he speaks to me for the first time.
"What year is it?"
"I think you might implode if you knew."
"Makes sense. Do you smoke, doll?" 
I light a cigarette for him, having pulled it with quivering fingers from my apron, and put it in his mouth. He leans up against a garbage bag leaking shake mix and puffs, exhaling clouds. 
"This is weak. Lady cigarettes."
He rips off the filter with his teeth. He only has three fingers on his left hand and his right arm is a stump. At least his eyes have grown in. 
"Do you know why I left academic physics?"
"To make models for the Pentagon?"
He takes a long drag.
"A model, you see, is a representation of an ideal, a situation that can only occur exactly that way within a given set of circumstances. In reality, we can only create
atlasBorn into the eye of a dwindling hurricane, Atlas grew to be a boy of medium height and insufficient interest to his mother and, in general, the world.
Prairie, Atlas' mother, disappeared into the muted sunshine on the afternoon of his tenth birthday. As you would expect in this sort of tale, she had left no clear indication of her whereabouts, and so Atlas was left standing in the middle of the kitchen alone.
Curiously nonchalant, Atlas sat himself at the table and proceeded to eat two thirds of his birthday cake with a tarnished fork. It was not until his stomach was sick with the weight of the rich, brown cake that Atlas considered the possibility of contacting the police.
Precisely twenty two minutes later, the police arrived with the sirens on their battered patrol car wailing; Atlas did not like the noise, so he hid. So it was that Arthur, the portly police officer, found Atlas huddled behind the floral armchair, his head sandwiched between a pair of cushions.
After the careful e
Houses by the SeaI remember when you kissed my hand
Like softly pouring rain
There's not a single fracture in my soul
That dared to stay the same
I still feel your fingers laced in mine
Trying not to change the past
And this everything you left with me
Is endless. It is vast.
My head is filled with could-have-beens
And houses by the sea
While Gods of grey remind me
That we do not love for free
I will never touch your hand again
We are finite, laced with pain
But on nights when whispers haunt me
I'll pretend you're in the rain
I'll pretend you paint the sunsets
And the shapes inside the clouds
I'll pretend that I'd have no regrets
If I'd dared to love out loud
luciferpin me
against a brittle sky
crusted with mist and rime
shredded braids of vapor
and let me fall
as angels do
to walk through gloamingthis is the treasure we seek:
wings out of tune with the world
& names to be swallowed like berries,
dark forest stains on the fingers.
oh to have forest stains on these fingers
this is the treasure we hold:
the forest has always been here.
and here, i was a weary wanderer
and my fire held no magic, we were no wild things, we watched
as the silence picked up our broken pieces to examine
our weakness, as we could not break it in return,
wisdom in vain.

in whispers,
i run back and take
all that is left and i believe in the magic
that always warmed my skin

now, i keep a jar of ashes.
and here, let me place it
gently next to your pillow, a touch and a whisper,
a gift for good dreams. i still remember
the should have been beauty and the beauty that was.
and now, sometimes,
i am a robin.
(as wild as the city lets anything be,
not fearing fences, not finding the open sky
but baptised by the moon between pines.)
i think icarus had ptsd//you would too if you’d spent your life dreaming of flight and then you took a fall too hard and too long and felt the candlewax melting down your body and the feathers peeling off your wings and the scorch marks and bruises on your skin and if your last few minutes were a blur, if you’d spent a life leading up to this moment and you took a step ahead and crossed the line and then had to fall like bruised knees and five year olds scaling these walls
((forever out of reach. out of mind.))
to feel the wind curled around you, to taste escape, to feel release on your skin and to see the world as a whole, not filtered through jailcell bars
((you’d always wanted out))
as a child you watch your father beaten bruised bleeding, protecting you at the cost of himself. he weaves you wings and tells you not to fly too close to the sun, boy, the sun will scorch you
you would, if all you’d heard was violence and whispers and looks, everyone wanted to break you, a childhood of s
ui love u
things wo_ldn't
be the same if yo_
weren't in my world
or in my life
i'm feeling like
alphabet so_p,
spilling all my words
o_t and it'll burn in yo_r
lap and _nder yo_r shirt
beca_se it's too goddamn
i can't hide my feelings;
i can't imagine missing
one letter and having only
twenty five to try to fill in
the gaps
none of them are the same
as yo_, i don't give a f_ck what
yo_ say
i f_cking love yo_
whether they like it
or not
OolongSomehow, we survived
summer's sadness
by huddling in our fortress
until the ceasefire
of hardships dealt
and harsh words spoken
unto us.
It's coming on autumn now,
and hope,
blown in on the wind,
soothes our knotted throats
like the first taste of oolong.
We are mending
with the seasons,
clinging to each other
with love devoid of fear
and opening
to become our boldest selves.
06142016the coincidence of almond milk
expiring on your fathers birthday,
of leaving your food too long
on the stove, of a gnat
falling into your soup.
of closing your door
on a hot night knowing
the air doesn’t circulate
if you do, of taking a shower
with your phone resting
on the bathroom window
sill, of messaging a friend
who’s not your friend,
of leaving your clothes
in the wash, of telling
a friend that is not your
friend that you love them
when you don’t. of phone calls
so full of promise you could
bloom. of nights so silent
you could slip away
without notice.
of hearing i love you’s
while thinking of
gnats. of calling
your mother by her first
name, refusing to call
your father by anything but.
your body isn't a means to attain forgivenessit doesn’t have to be perfect;
it doesn’t have to be neat,
tied up, origami
in a soft little bow my body
is not a gift
my body is a home
that I don’t mind sharing,
it is a well worn bed
it squeaks, rusted springs
but it welcomes you home, I
welcome you home.
I don’t know how many flaws I have
but science tells me that if I stretched them
end to end,
they could wrap three times around
the immensity of the apology you say
with your flesh.
your skin doesn’t need to say sorry
for covering the stardust inside,
you don’t have to apologise
for taking up space
when you and space are made of the same things–
you are beautiful.
you don’t have to be perfect.
you don’t have to be neat
with a soft little bow.
you have the expanse of the universe
inside you,
you are a gift of your own,
not for giving
but fully forgiven.
I am always, always
here to welcome you home.
an hour after losingwhen i walk into the bathroom, with dawn
breaking her fingers to squeeze her hands through the windows
at the end of the hall, i am surprised to see a girl at the corner sink.
i expected to be alone to wipe at my face, to press gentle fingers
against the tender skin of my neck, to pull up my shirt
and check the visibility of my ribs
and the flutter of my heart, to stare at my eyes in the shitty mirror
in the shitty lighting and calculate all the little changes that a boy’s hands
can wreak on a body in under an hour. but she
is there at the corner sink, scrubbing at her red and irritated cheeks
like she is lady macbeth trying to erase the ghost of a touch
that never left a physical mark. i have makeup and sweat sticking
to my skin and knots in my hair desperate fingers left behind
and i’m not sure my shirt is my shirt and i just want
to be alone to examine the damages and count the casualties
of a war whose victor i could not point to,
and really, the only reason i walked in


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IT'S SO GOOD!!! I have such a soft spot for Terushima and his party bois :^O yahoo~~~
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(oh no, I'm a day late already? :c I could've sworn your birthday was on the third... apologies!)
Happy belated birthday, my dear :heart: May this new year of your life become as beautiful as you are. I hope you will hold a card from me soon.
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Haha no worries, thank you so much lovely~~ I hope my reply card got to you okay, the post is not very reliable here but know my brightest thoughts are with you :rose::hug:
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